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Jesus Piece Download – The Game’s New Album (2012)



The Game’s Jesus Piece is a slice of celestial pie with gangster ingredients and you can get the full album from Jesus Piece Download. Critic and fan reviews alike have been mostly positive, calling the West Coast rapper’s fifth studio offering a resurrection (cue in more religious metaphors) of the talent who messed up in his third and fourth albums. Some people are even calling it one of the best albums of the year. That’s all well and good; except that the whole thing can sometimes sound like The Game is missing from the entire production. Jesus Piece download is meaty all right—you can’t swing a Jesus necklace without hitting an industry luminary who didn’t feature in the album. But nobody’s stealing The Game’s thunder—his delivery and rhymes are just too powerful to take a back seat to anything. Some critics’ reviews:

“There’s some vicious rhyming, illuminating how tight of an MC he truly is, but there are also some incredibly soulful hooks too, meant to stay stuck in your head…Game unleashes his best work to date and a landmark for hip hop.” – Artistdirect (5/5 Stars)

Jesus Piece Download is connected through a theme of religion, specifically Christianity, though it’s far from being quoted by your neighborhood pastor in his next sermon.” – The Michigan Daily (A rating)

“The Compton rapper wraps his street tales in spiritual themes to deliver one the year’s most intriguing albums.” – USA Today (3.5/5 stars)

Praise for The Game for delivering the type of music The Game fans love, but stretching his content and showing diversity. The (many) cameos in this instance add to the replay value of the LP. – AllHipHop (8/10 stars)

“…like his last album, ‘The R.E.D. Album,’ he isn’t outshined by any of the features on ‘Jesus Piece Download.’ Game’s words are full of bravado, his topics are concise and his rhymes are easy to digest.” – SeattlePi

Some fan reviews:

“ONIFC is a great album but Game killed it this year with Jesus Piece Download.”

“The Game’s Album Jesus Piece Download is probably one of the best albums out this year.”

“Jesus Piece Download has at least 20 different features…Game’s budget has to be STOOPID.”

“Jesus Piece Download is decent, doesn’t feel like a Game album though.”

“The new Game album ‘Jesus Piece Download‘ is still too long. A common trend with every album he’s done.”